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Shanghai source pulse Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the field of Biochemistry, to provide customers with equipment, equipment consulting, sales, biotechnology services, after-sales and other professional technical enterprises. Biological sources have a young, active, to professional and technical team, the spirit of "professional and trustworthy" business style, to provide world-class products at the same time for scientific research, and always will be placed on the quality of service is more important than the market position. With years of experience and professional service, pioneering spirit of innovation, customer supreme service consciousness, have a good, healthy and close cooperation relationship with many foreign suppliers, and gradually won the trust and support of users. We are making great efforts to diversify, and constantly enhance the competitive advantages of enterprises, to provide customers with better quality integrated services, innovation and innovation for science and technology to add new vitality. Innovation: opening the door of the future. Achievement: making our business possible. Responsibility: determines our enterprise...



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